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  • SATURDAY FRENCH SCHOOL – L’école du samedi

  • Fun French lessons after school under 5 years old in your protected territory
  • The methodology of a French certified native French Teacher Des Ecoles Primaires (Academie de Paris CRPE 2013)
  • An awarded brand, an amazing network, a growing business worldwide!
  • Fun French lessons in Nurseries and preschools in your area f
  • Et Patati Patata Bébé programme 1-2 year olds
  • Fun French Holiday camps in your area from umber 1 London French Day Camp
  • Nominated Best Summer Day Camp amongst 15 Day Camp UK- Angel & Urchins magazine March 2015!
  • Launched in July 2014. Already 350 children have attended with success Et Patati Patata!

·        Families South West Magazine: ” In addition to their very successful holiday camps and after school classes,  Et Patati Patata now offers fun French lessons on Saturdays. Ideal for 1-9 years olds, in Fulham Library, Balham and West Kensington.  February half term classes too.” 2014

  • What is Et Patati Patata?

  • Fun French lessons for children 1 to 5 year olds giving them a chance to learn french in a fun environment following the french curriculum. An amazing tailored french immersion program for les tout petits : french tradition, french cooking, french dancing, french storytelling, french drama and a mix of academic and 100% Fun. On adore! See our pictures here:
  • -Fun French lessons for children after school in a specific area
  • -Holidays camps 100% French Fun!
  • -Ecole du samedi
  • What is Et Patati et Patata, and what does the name mean?

  • Et Patati et Patata means “blah blah blah”! It is an immersion program for second-language French with a wide range of fun and creative activities tailored on the program of French schools. Language is taught through stories, songs, visits and workshops.
  • Who created Et Patati Patata?

  • A French immersion programme led by an experienced, native French primary teacher (école française) based on a wide range of fun and creative activities, all in French. Children will explore the sounds, flavours, customs, cultures! Culture and language will be taught through stories, songs and workshops. And also: French literature, French drama, French cooking, french friends…
  • I launched Et Patati in 2014. My background is advertising and Head od Communication. I decided to become a Professeur des Ecoles francaises de Paris in 2012 and passed the french exam. My idea is to mix the french academic way mixed with a lot of of Fun!
  • I have 2 children and love teaching in an enthusiastic and fun way. It is a rewarding job and as a mum of three I recognise how important it is to balance both work and family life.
  • Caroline Eugénie is a French Primary Teacher des Ecoles Françaises: “As a french primary teacher des écoles françaises (Académie de Paris), my french immersion method is based on the french academic curriculum and is all about fun and children learn very quickly.”
  • 100% in French! Set your child on the fast track to becoming bilingual!
  • What inspired me to start Et Patati Patata?

  • As a primary French teacher des écoles francaises de l’Académie de Paris (professeur des Ecoles), I wanted to bring the “savoir-faire” of our French maternelle (toute petite section, petite section…) to English children learning French as a second language. Maternelle in France is a European exception and we have a tailored, structured academic programme for “les tout-petits” (from 2 years old).
  • How do the Fun French lessons work?

  • Each structured of 1 hour session encourages cognitive, physical and emotional development through language. We have developed a curriculum allowing children to learn french encouraging a fun and self- esteem environment.
  • Why learn french?

  • French is the second language worldwide in politics and the and the importance will be growing with the boom of Africa and the francophonie.
  • “Foreign languages to be compulsory from age seven. All children are to be taught a foreign language from the age of seven, the Government will announce this week. Learning another language is good for young children and it will give them more options in education and work”.”Evidence shows that children may be better able to learn a foreign language if they are given the opportunity at a younger age”.”Research also suggests that being taught a foreign language can help to improve conversation skills and literacy in English, as well as benefit study in other subjects”.”Where languages are taught, the standard is one 40-minute French lesson a week.”
  • Our base line:

  • 100% French club, 100% French Fun!
  • An ideal business opportunity:

  • Be the first in your area to secure and run Et Patati Patata Franchise!!! Et Patati is already a premium brand in the pre-school activity market and holidays camp.
  • We offer Fun French lessons in UK and worldwide to babies and children from 15 months.
  • Our lessons and all packaged with a specific programme following the french curriculum of the maternelles et petites sections.
  • Et Patati session are also a good choice for nurseries and schools. Many franchisees choose to run workshops during holidays.

Ask for The franchise package on   and be the one in your area!! Tel:07966893674


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