Fun French October Day Camp. Au bonheur des enfants.

Number 1 London’s French Day camps

Fun French October Day Camps, register now!

Weeks 26th of October – 30th of October 2015

# Learn French without leaving London! Fun French camps in October.
# 30 hours per week of French immersion led by an experienced, native French speaking primary teacher (école française).
# Monday–Friday 9am-3pm


9:00-9:15am: Welcome.
9:40-11am: Assembly. Counting. Reading. Acting. Singing. Playing in french at Fulham  St Andrew’s Church (St Andrew’s Church, Greyhound Road, London W14 9SA)
11:30am-12:15am: Lunch. Bring your pack lunch.
12:15am-3pm: Football Academy or multi-sport activities all in french in partnership with Sporting Duet Academy.



100% in French! Set your kid on the fast track to becoming bilingual! Register now!
+44 (0) 7966 893674

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