We love french classes!

Fun french classes for Children 2-5 year old!

C’est la rentrée! Autumn Term.

September 15th -December 17th.

Register now on: caroline@etpatatipatata.com




Fulham Library, 598 Fulham Rd,

London SW6 5NX

Sep : 16/30 – Oct : 7/14 – Nov : 4/11/25 – Dec : 2/9/16

3.45pm-4.35pm -50 minutes lessons – 10 lessons

Autumn Term. 15 pounds per lesson.




 St James Center, 1 Florence Way, Ouseley Road,
London, SW12 8EW Wandsworth Common

Sep : 17/24 – Oct : 1/8/15 – Nov : 5/12/19/26 – Dec : 3/10/17

 3.45pm-4.35pm -50 minutes lessons – 12 lessons

Autumn Term. 15 pounds per lesson.


Opening soon: Ealing, Hampstead, Wembley, Camden:

Contact us for more infos : caroline@etpatatipatata.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7966 893674

In our classes you will find mixed-aged children as Young children learn to imitate the older ones, as older children lead the younger ones like in a french classe d’autrefois!

Children have access to the Et Patati Patata French Library with one book per week and Rallye lecture certificate at the end f the Term!

# 1 term immersion classes

# Led by an experienced, native french speaking primary teacher (école française)

# Designed specifically for ages 1–10 by specialist Professeur des écoles francaises  in early childhood education.



French classes from 1 years old to 5 years old. A French immersion programme led by an experienced, native French primary teacher (école française) based on a wide range of fun and creative activities, all in French. Children will explore the sounds, flavours, customs, cultures! Culture and language will be taught through stories, songs and workshops. And also: French literature, French drama, French cooking…

 100% in French! Set your child on the fast track to becoming bilingual! Register now!

Our method is based on:

# Foundation (Grades 1-3)

# Intermediate (Grades 4-5)

# Advanced (Grades 6-8)

# Confirmed (Grades 9-11)

At the end of the Term, children will receive a French certificate + they will consign everything on their cahier d’activités!


 Price :  15£ per class

And also: 

 Autumn Fun French Holiday Day Camp register now!

26th October –  30 October 2015.

Limited spaces available, so book now for the camps !! Contact caroline@etpatatipatata.com Tel: 07966 893674.

Le Programme.

Set your kid on the fast track to becoming bilingual!



Contact us for more infos : caroline@etpatatipatata.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7966 893674

Why learn French?

“Foreign languages to be compulsory from age seven. All children are to be taught a foreign language from the age of seven, the Government will announce this week. Learning another language is good for young children and it will give them more options in education and work”.”Evidence shows that children may be better able to learn a foreign language if they are given the opportunity at a younger age”.”Research also suggests that being taught a foreign language can help to improve conversation skills and literacy in English, as well as benefit study in other subjects”.”Where languages are taught, the standard is one 40-minute French lesson a week.” www.telegraph.co.uk

“Speaking two languages can slow down cognitive decline and help to keep the brain sharper in later life, research has found. A study shows that being bilingual has a positive effect on cognition among older people, including those who acquired the second language in adulthood. While previous research has investigated the impact of learning more than one langage, researchers have questionned whether people to improve their cognitive functions through learning new languages or whether those with better cognitive function are more likely to become bilingual. For this latest experiment, researchers relied on data from the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936, which is comprised of 835 native speakers of English who were born and who were living in the area of Edinburgh. Tha participants were given an intelligence test in 1947 at the age of 11 and retested in their early 70s, between 2008 and 2010. A total of 262 of the participants reported that they were able to comminicate in at least one language other than english. Of those, 195 learnt the second language before the age of 18. The findings, published in the journal Annals of neurology, indicated that those who spoke two or more languages had significantly better cognitive abilities compared with what would be expected. The strongest effects were seen in general intelligence and reading. These effects were present in those who acquired their ability to speak a second language at a young age as well as later in life.” Being bilingual can keep mind sharp, Katie Gibbons, The Times

Contact:  caroline@etpatatipatata.com +44 (0) 7966 893674

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